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Funding for individuals

If you have an ambition or idea that you are looking to get off the ground or are looking to organise a trip and require some assistance with funding then we may be able to help.

Before submitting your application to the Trust, please ensure that you read our 'Guide for Applicants' document. This is updated on a regular basis and must be referred to prior to any applications being made in case there are changes that will affect your submission. You can submit an application to us before your 12th birthday so long as you will be 12 years old at the time the trip/activity or project takes place.

All applications must include a fully completed, signed application form.

When applying for funding you will need to include the following information for consideration: 

  • A full description/project plan of your idea/ambition/trip including any specific time scales/dates

  • How you will benefit from this experience and make use of it in the future.

  • A breakdown associated costs.

  • Details of fundraising undertaken and amounts raised or are expected to raise.

  • As much supporting information in relation to your idea/ambition/trip.

  • Details of any organisation involved in your idea/activity or trip.

To avoid any delays it is important that you provide all the information requested. If your application is incomplete it may be reviewed by the Trustees however, a final decision will not be made until all the information is received to complete your application.

The table below sets out the meeting schedule together with deadlines for applications (dates are subject to change). You will need to ensure that your application reaches us by the date specified. Applications received after the deadline will be put forward to the next scheduled meeting. If you have a specific date you are working towards for receipt of funding, you must ensure that you allow enough plenty of time for your application to be considered to meet your target date. This information will need to be included within your application. Applications will not be considered outside of the normal meeting schedule.

 Meeting Date  Deadline for Receipt of Applications
 Wednesday 10 October 2018  Tuesday 28 August 2018

All applications will be acknowledged in writing. If you have provided us with an email address, it is vital that you check your inbox/junk/spam mail regularly as we may contact you this way. We request that you respond promptly to any emails as delays in receiving replies may result in your application not being reviewed by the Trustees at chosen meetings. If further information is required we will write requesting such information otherwise, no correspondence will be sent until after the Trustees have met. Depending on when we receive your funding request this may be a number of weeks. Please do not phone us for an update on the progress of your application as we are unable to provide any information or discuss applications over the phone.

We do not limit the amount of applications you can make to us however, successful applicants will only receive funding up to a maximum of three times. After which, further applications for grant funding from the same individual will be ineligible for consideration.

View our Guidelines

Please ensure that you read our Guide For Applicants document before making an application to us.

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Guide For Applicants

Please ensure you read this document before making an application to us.


Individual Application Form

Download the Individuals application form here