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Funding for schools/colleges

Please note we are not currently accepting applications from Schools/Colleges. This decision is regularly under review and any changes will be posted on the website and via our Facebook and Twitter pages. However, individual students are welcome to apply directly to us for funding for trips the school may be running. Please direct students to our funding page for individual applications.

The Mason Trust is keen to work with as many schools and colleges throughout Norfolk and Suffolk to enable students to access the variety of global, national and regional opportunities that may be available to them to assist them and broaden their horizons in their school and day to day life.

We are very happy for schools and colleges to highlight the Trust as a potential funding source to students but would ask that the students are encouraged to make funding applications directly to us. As part of their submissions we require them to detail why they want to participate on the trip, what they will gain from the experience and how it will help them in the future. The Trustees will also need to see details of how they will be working towards raising a proportion of the costs themselves via fundraising activities. The Trustees expect individual young people to make an effort to raise a proportion of the funds as, from experience, it has been demonstrated that the young people really rise to the challenge and consequently get more out of the total experience if they feel they have made a contribution towards it.

We do not limit the amount of applications you can make to us, however, successful applicants will only receive funding up to a maximum of three times. After which, further applications for grant funding from the same school/college will be ineligible for consideration.

If you are making a collective application for funding for the same trip there must be a 12 month period between applications e.g The Mason Trust funds a trip which takes place in June 2016 - another application for the same trip could not be submitted for consideration until June 2017. Applications will go through the normal process for consideration.

Please be aware that previous success in securing funding from us does not guarantee that you will be successful in securing funding again.

Before submitting your application to the Trust, please ensure that you read our 'Guide for Applicants' document. This is updated on a regular basis and must be referred to prior to any applications being made in case there are changes that will affect your submission.

All applicants must include a fully completed, signed application form.

A table which sets out the meeting schedule together with deadlines for receipt of applications will be reinstated once a decision has been made on when we we start to accept applications again. You will need to ensure that your application reaches us by the date specified. Applications received after the deadline will be put forward to the next scheduled meeting. If you have a specific date you are working towards for receipt of funding, you must ensure that you allow enough plenty of time for your application to be considered to meet your target date. This information will need to be included within your application. Applications will not be considered outside of the normal meeting schedule.

All applications will be acknowledged in writing. If you have provided us with an email address, it is vital that you check your inbox/junk mail regularly as we may contact you this way. We request that you respond promptly to any emails as any delays in receiving replies may result in your application not being reviewed by the Trustees at chosen meetings. If further information is required we will write requesting such information otherwise, no correspondence will be sent until after the Trustees have met. Depending on when we receive your funding request this may be a number of weeks. Please do not phone us for an update on the progress of your application as we are unable to provide any information or discuss applications over the phone.

View our Guidelines

Please ensure that you read our Guide For Applicants document before making an application to us.

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Guide For Applicants

Please ensure you read this document before making an application to us.


School/College Application Form

Download the School/College application form here