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Case Studies

Florence Barker

Flo is currently studying at Oxford University having started on a different path. Read her case study here.

Sophie Miller

Back in the Summer of 2015 Sophie spent a month volunteering in Borneo. Click here to read about her experience and what she is doing now.

Georgette Bradford

Georgette requested funding from the Trust back in 2011 towards her volunteering trip to Sri Lanka. Read Georgette's report to see what has happened since then.

Olivia Ballantine Smith

Olivia approached the Trust back in 2013 to help with funding towards a gap year taking in Vietnam, Italy and France. Her report provides details of her travels and where she is now.

Matthew Artherton

Matthew received funding from the Trust to help with costs so he could take a CAD (Computer Aided Design) course. Matthew shares what has happened since then here.

Asha Hipperson

Asha contacted the Trust in 2014 to request some funding towards a volunteering trip to Tanzania. Here's how it all went and what she is doing now - report

Charlotte Arnold

Charlotte applied to The Mason Trust for a grant back in 2013. She has been studying for an undergraduate degree at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. In July 2016 Charlotte achieved a First Class Honours Degree. Read about what Charlotte is doing now here.

Grace Leech

Grace received sponsorship from The Mason Trust back in 2015. Since then Grace has been going from strength to strength. Read more here.

Emily Winter

Back in 2012 Emily received funding from the Trust to undertake a conservation trip to Indonesia. Emily provides an update on what has happened since she returned. Click here to read more.

Betsy Parr

Betsy Parr, a student from Hartismere School recently spent two weeks working in the Trust office as work experience. Click here to read about her time with us.

Jessica Rice

Jess is a student at Hartismere School and spent a week working in the Trust office as part of her work experience. She has put together this report on her time with us.

Jack Bowman

In the Summer of 2013 Jack spent some time working with the teams in The Mason Trust and SafeSTS. To read more about Jack's work experience

click here


Katie Wardle

During the Summer of 2013 prior to going on a school trip to Kenya, Katie spent a week working at Gardline at their offices in Great Yarmouth. Katie was able to spend time in several departments undertaking a variety of tasks. Read about her experience here.

Ryan Finch

Ryan applied to the Trust and received some grant funding for a trip to Italy to study volcanoes in line with his university course. He was then able to secure a Summer work placement with Gardline (one of the Trust's partners) working in a variety of departments and even offshore! Ryan is currently working as a volunteer. read more

Richard Taylor

Richard is a 20 year old aspiring sprinter from Great Yarmouth. Last year Richard was the recipient of some funding to help him with his training. Since receiving this funding Richard started Sports Science Degree at Loughborough University. Richard has competed on various levels and continues to challenge himself to improve his personal best time. Richard has recently secured some sponsorship from Herbalife and together with his new coach embarks on a new training regime this week. Click here to read an article on Richard in the EDP.