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Georgia Riches

Georgia is currently on a year-long volunteering trip to South Africa via Project Trust. Click here to read about her adventure so far.

Norfolk ACF

14 Cadets from Norfolk ACF recently undertook a trip to Flaine in France for a week's skiing trip. Read their report here.

Robert Innes

Robert and a group of fellow students from Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form College visited the Large Hardon Collider at CERN in Switzerland back in the Summer. Read his report here.

Samuel Howden

Samuel was part of a group of students from Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form who visited CERN recently. Read Samuel's report here.

Luke Babbs

Luke was part of a group who took part in a 'Voyage of Discovery' sailing trip run by Cirdan Sailing Trust. Luke comments: "It enabled me to experience a week's sailing on the Faramir. The best bits about the week sailing was being part of the crew and especially putting up the big sails. I loved it when the sea was rougher because the angle of the boat made everything more fun, particularly walking. I found cooking the hardest part of the week due to the number of people and the small space more challenging when the boat was at an angle. I gained experience at sea. I had an amazing experience on the Faramir."

Alisanne Webb

Alisanne was part of a group of sixth form students who recently undertook a trip to CERN. Alisanne has provided her report here.

Tabitha Street

Tabitha received funding from the Trust towards the costs of her volunteering trip to Borneo with Camps International. Read her report on her experience here.

Adele O'Donnell

Adele O'Donnell has recently started back for her second year of studying at London Studio Performing Arts. She has provided an update on her first year here

Leanne Tough

Leanne has recently returned from a trip to Croatia with Operation Wallacea and which the Trust provided a proportion of funding. Read Leanne's report here.

Team Kerrison

Joe Kerrison has just sent this update on how things have been progressing both with GCSE studying/exams and boxing. Read his feedback here.

Alexandra Bannon

In November 2016 Alexandra participated in a working trip to Thailand and Cambodia for three weeks thanks to some funding from the Trust. Read her report here.

Jacob Rhodes

Jacob is a keen and talented young cricketer. He applied to the Trust to help with some winter coaching costs. Read his report here.

Daniel Bainbridge

Daniel is an extremely talented young javelin thrower and was offered the opportunity to go to Finland back in the Winter of 2016 for a 10 day training camp. Read his report on his time away.

Finnian Anderson

Finnian applied to the Trust for funding towards completing his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Finnian said "I really enjoyed completing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh and everything that went along with it. From canoeing down rivers to creating web applications as part of my Skills section, each and every part has been great fun. I've met some great people and accomplished some things which I'm really proud of, which included being thrown in the 'deep end' during the expedition practice and teaching vulnerable adults to sail as part of my volunteering. Completing my Gold DoE has really rounded me as a person. It has been great to have it on my CV as it has allowed me to open doors that would have otherwise been locked. For example, due to both the qualification you helped to support and my experience teaching sailing to those with disabilities, I have been offered a position to teach sailing at Aldeburgh Yacht Club." To see some photos of Finnian's expedition click here, then click on the blue dots on the map to see the pictures.

Max Bode

Max is a keen and talented wheelchair footballer. He recently approached the Trust for some funding towards the costs of purchasing a new Strike Force Power Wheelchair. Max, who trains and plays for both Norwich and Villa Rockets commented "Thank you again for your kind donation towards my new football wheelchair. I have had the chair for about three weeks now and the difference is amazing. The chair is allowing me to fulfill my potential and has given me a newly renewed confidence in my abilities. Without your help this would not have been possible so quickly and hopefully I will be able to help my teams win more matches this season.

Matthew Thompson

As a keen young musician, Matthew spent a week on a residential course with the National Youth Brass Band in Harrogate. Read more by clicking here.

Lara Sharpin

In the Summer of 2016 Lara participated on a volunteering trip to Costa Rica with the Girl Guides. Click here to read more about Lara's amazing trip.

Enola May Cuffe

Enola received funding from the Trust to take part in a school trip to Northern Thailand in June 2016. Read her report here.

Liam Irvine

Liam received some funding towards his school trip to FC Porto earlier this year. As a football fan and player this was a huge opportunity for Liam and other students to experience life at one of Portugal's most successful clubs. Read Liam's report here.

Cameron McKie

Cameron has recently returned to the UK for the Summer break after completing his first year at Brown University in the USA. He will be returning in the Autumn to carry on with his chosen course. Cameron comments as follows: "I had an amazing first year at Brown and the funds given were a true help towards various resources I needed. I didn't think there were going to be as expensive as they were so the Trust's grant gave the financial security I really needed in a tough first semester. It was always going to be strange, going to another country to study, but The Mason Trust made the transition easier. Of course, there were times when I wasn't enjoying myself (exam periods) but overall I had a fantastic learning experience and I hope for it to continue. I also started a band!

Edward Savage

Edward finished a ski season in Austria where he undertook a Ski Instructor course. Click here to read how he got on.

Panathlon Challenge

More Panathlon events have been across Norfolk recently. Click here to read more.

Dex Scarlett

Dex is currently overseas in Guyana and having a great time by the sounds of it. Read his Easter Term Update here.

Oliver Massingham

Oliver has just completed his Winter training and provided this update. He continues to work hard and gain lots of experience and support.

Joshua Grace

Joshua travelled to Costa Rica where he sailed with the JST Charity on the tall ship, Tenacious. He worked as part of an able bodied crew to help and support those with disabilities get the most of their experience. Read Joshua's diary here.

Georgia Riches

Georgia is currently on a year-long volunteering trip to South Africa via Project Trust. Click here to read about her adventure so far.

Dex Scarlett

Dex received funding from the Trust towards his volunteering trip to Guyana through Project Trust. Dex has completed his first term teaching at a primary school. Read his report here.

Summer School of Rock

During the Summer, Suffolk Artlink ran 'Rock Up' - a project allowing young people to explore all types of music, have sessions with music tutors and eventually perform in their own band. Click here to read all about the project.

Norfolk Scouts

At the end of July 2015 a group of 18 Norfolk Scouts went on the adventure of a lifetime when they attended the World Scout Jambroee 2015 in Japan. Read about their experience here.

Katrice Copland

Katrice had a very exciting opportunity to represent the UK at the World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles in the Summer. Here's her report on how she got on.

Peter Martin

Peter spent some time over the summer on a research placement in New York. Read more about it here.

Kid's Lit Quiz World Final 2015

Four students from Litcham School battled through various rounds to reach the Kids Lit Quiz World Final which took place in Connecticut, USA. Read about their adventure here.

Calum Walker

Calum was part of a group of Scouts from Norfolk and Suffolk who travelled to Japan to take part in the 23rd World Scout Jamboree. Read more about Calum's time away here and to view some photos click here

Katherine Hughes

Katherine was part of her school football team who qualified to play in the Youth World Cup which was being held in Sweden. Read her report here and see some photos.

Sophie Miller

Sophie has recently returned from a month long stay in Borneo. Whilst she was away she wrote a daily blog which you can read here.

Alice Summers

Alice has received some funding towards her year long volunteering trip to Honduras via Project Trust. She will shortly be embarking on this amazing, life changing journey. Click here to read her blog about her journey so far! Alice has sent through another report to update everyone on how she is getting on in Honduras. Click here to read more.

Eleanor Borrill

Earlier this year Eleanor took part in an exchange trip to Germany. Keen to learn more about the country, culture and language Eleanor stayed with a host family for a week and attended a German school. Read about her trip here.

Ormiston Denes Academy

A group of students from Ormiston Denes Academy were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit CERN a few weeks ago. Their presentation on the trip can be found here.

Panathlon Challenge

On Monday 6 July a group of students from The Ashley School in Lowestoft took part in the South East swim finals day at the London Aquatics Centre. More than 50 young people from seven schools across London and the South East competed in the event. They are the first regional swim finals held by the Panathlon Challenge - a'mini olympics' for young people. The Ashley School were the North Suffolk winners and narrowly lost out to the overall winners - Priory School who were from Bury St Edmunds. Congratulations and well done to everyone involved.

Megan Storer

Megan is a very talented young musician and has recently received some funding support from the Trust. Read about her success here.

Matthew Perry

Matthew is currently on a year long volunteering expedition to India via Project Trust. He approached the Trust for funding support towards the costs of his trip. Click here to read Matthew's blog about his time away so far. You can also visit the Facebook page of the school Matthew is volunteering at by searching 'Ahilya Bal Jyoti School' on Facebook.

Avenues Group

The Trust was delighted to be able to provide funding support for a group of volunteers to take part in a trip to Mersea Island in the Summer. Click here to view some pictures showing them in action.

Iona Brett

Iona applied to the Trust for some funding to help with costs for her school trip to Tanzania. Read her feedback report here on her experiences during her two week trip.

Hightide Festival Theatre

HighTide Festival Theatre applied to the Trust for funding support towards their 2014 HighTide Writer and Performance Academy. Read their feedback report here on the event. For more information on HighTide and their forthcoming events click here.

Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Young Carers

Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Young Carers received some funding from the Trust last year. Here's an update on how things have been progressing so far.

Bella Watson

Bella received funding support towards the costs of her year long trip to Uganda she was undertaking with Project Trust. Click here to read her report on her experiences whilst she was away volunteering.

Adam Crafer

Adam is a very talented rower who received funding from the Trust. Read Adam's feedback here following his participation in some competitions.


Dreamworx applied to the Trust for funding towards a Young Leader's course they were hoping to run. Their application was successful and here is the feedback on the course. Read more

Abigail Turner

Abigail received funding support from the Trust for her 12 month volunteering trip to Guyana via Project Trust. Click here to read about Abigail's experience.

India Harl

India has just completed her first year at Bird College, a dance and theatre college in Sidcup. Click here to read more about her experience.

Cherish Watton

Cherish travelled to Norway to present some workshops to over 60 students as part of the Fakenham Geography Conference. To view Cherish's presentation click here. If you would like to learn more about what Cherish does or to get in contact with her visit her website.

Hannah Barnard

Hannah received funding from the Trust towards her 8 month volunteering trip to Swaziland. Read her blog which she has written detailing her time abroad.

Panathlon Challenge

On 21 May 2014 66 students from several schools including Ormiston Denes Academy and Bungay High School took part in the North Suffolk Panathlon Challenge held at East Point Academy. The winners were a combination team from Ormiston Denes and Bungay High School. At great day was had by all. To learn more about Panathlon and see more about their events visit their website.

Kiya Claydon

Kiya spent two weeks in September of this year volunteering in a community clinic in Arusha, Tanzania. Read more about here experience here.

Ella Mei-Morrish

Ella applied to the Trust for funding towards a year long trip working in India. Click here to read her report on her time away.

Alice Fenning

Alice Fenning was in receipt of funding from the Trust to undertake a year long volunteering trip to eight different countries in Africa. Read more about her amazing journey via her blog.

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Southern Norwich Explorer Scouts - Tall Ship Sailing Experience

In August 2013 a group from Southern Norwich Explorer Scouts went on a tall ship sailing trip. Here are some of the comments from the young people who took part:
"The best part of the trip for me was seeing nothing apart from the sea as we were crossing the English Channel, it felt like we were properly sailing."
"I will remember all the unforgettable things I saw and the transferable skills that I learnt whilst onboard"
"My favourite moment from the trip was just meeting new people and having an experience that will last a lifetime!"

Isobel Neal

The Trust was able to support Isobel on her recent trip to Venezuela. Sounds like an amazing adventure.

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Ben Spratling

Ben was one of five young people fortunate enough to receive a fully funded place, courtesy of Richard Coates, at the Full Potential Young Athletes Camp which was held at Wellington College, Reading at the end of July. Ben writes "The week was brilliant it was really eye-opening to see what the life of a professional athlete is actually like and the other aspects which it contains other than the racing and training. I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout the whole week. I came away with a wealth of new information which I have since used and applied in my current training plans and lifestyle. I also made loads of new friends from all over the country, some of who I still keep in touch with. These are people that I never would have met without your help. I know the camp has greatly improved my running in various ways, not just improving my times, but increasing my technique, methods for injury prevention and diet - all aspects which are not specific to running - all which can be applied to other sports. The camp itself was brilliantly run and organised. The daily seminars were interesting and the sessions themselves were unbelievably fun (although tiring too!) and the food was brilliant. On a whole the week was amazing and I loved every second of it! Thanks again."

Sophie Gibbons

Sophie Gibbons is currently on a year long volunteering trip to Africa with Project Trust. Sophie received funding from The Mason Trust to help her with this amazing, life changing opportunity. Read her blog to find out what she has been up to.

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"Just home from athlete training camp and wanted to thank you for this amazing opportunity. I had such a brilliant time and learnt lots of new things to help with my athletics ambition. The coaches were fantastic, the seminars were informative and most of all, I made lots of new friends . Once again, thank you very much. I have already asked my parents if I can return next year!"


"I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to you for giving me the chance to go to the Full Potential running camp. One of the biggest things I gained from this camp was the ability to understand the full spectrum of an athletes lifestyle and that it spans way beyond just training and racing. I met so many new people from all walks of life and enjoyed my week thoroughly. All of this would not have been possible without your help and thank you once again for the inspiration I have gained through attending this camp."