Supporting ambition

We can help young people individually and through education organisations - read on to see how we could help you or your organisation.

About Us

What we're doing

The Mason Trust helps young people in Norfolk and Suffolk to realise their career aspirations and take control of their futures through various one-to-one and online provisions.

Projects and Education Programme

We're involved in a number of exciting projects to help promote work and career opportunities to young people in the region as well as helping them directly with work-readiness and the latest, local labour market information.

Our Digital Youth Hub service -working together with the DWP- provides mentors that help young people overcome barriers to work. 

We're also working with both Suffolk and Norfolk county Councils to highlight local opportunities created under the Youth Pledge for Employers project. 

We work directly with schools and colleges too using the icanbea... online platform to generate ideas and leads for people wanting to start careers locally.  (Contact us for info on our icanbea... and CV workshops)


We continue to develop our digital careers platform (icanbea...) for young people and job seekers in Norfolk and Suffolk. For anyone looking to plan their future careers, the site features the latest information and advice.


Working with schools

Helping with understanding the local labour market and what it means for jobs

We can deliver icanbea... and CV workshops to students and talk to them about the local labour market and how their skills could open up career opportunities.

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Showcasing employers and their opportunities

We operate icanbea... a platform that profiles organisations who offer local careers and training opportunities.  The site and apps complement Information Advice & Guidance (IAG) initiatives in education, help industry to attract the right talent and presents students and job seekers with concise information on job roles, sectors, organisations and employment opportunities.

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Digital Youth Hub

Overcoming barriers to work

Our Digital Youth Hub programme takes referrals from the Job Centres in Dereham & Thetford to help young people overcome barriers and secure employment. We are delighted to announce that the program has completed its first year and has been extremely successful overall, helping 131 young people secure employment this year.

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