Potential funding organisations.

We've funded over 6,000 young people since 2008, assisting with costs for projects, ideas and trips as well as equipment and fees for learning and training. We're immensely proud of both the assistance we've provided as well as the achievements of the awardees themselves!

Our own funding programme is not currently open for applications though we do hope to offer this again in the future. (You can check back here for updates!) Eligibility and application instructions appear on this page when the programme is open.  

We of course recognise the huge benefit to individuals who seek to broaden their horizons and further their personal development and career options.  We know too that fundraising can be a daunting task and have put together a basic list of potential funders who may be able to provide financial support for personal projects and experience-broadening activities. 

Funding pots and organisations

Education, projects, trips, equipment etc.

Nelson Spirit
The Future Leaders Fund provides grants to Norfolk-based young people aged 17-24 who want to participate in projects that grow themselves as leaders, whilst helping others in a community.

Norwich Charitable Trusts
Grants to individuals as a contribution towards the cost of things like: school uniforms, residential school trips, fees for further education and vocational training including necessary equipment, university maintenance, further education courses and specialist glasses (e.g. if a child has diagnosed dyslexia) not available through the NHS.

Prince's Trust
Development Awards to cover the cost of course fees, tools or equipment to help 16 to 30 year olds achieve their goals.

Red House Youth Trust
Grants for individual young people (or groups of young people) for projects and events. Available to young people resident in Norfolk under 21 years of age.

Sir Peter Seaman Charity
Grants towards the promotion of education, including social and physical training, for young people in Norwich who are under the age of 21.

Sir Philip Reckitt Educational Trust
Contributions towards the cost of travel, residence and attendance at conferences, lectures and educational courses for people living in Norfolk.

The Foundation of Joanna Scott
Grants for education (fairly widely defined) to young Norwich people aged under 25 whose homes are within 5 miles of Norwich City Hall or who attend a school within that area and whose parents are not able to afford the expense involved. Examples vary from nursery fees to degrees, and can include school uniform, trips, music, dance and gym tuition. Funds, however, are limited.

The Kerrison Trust
Help for young people who live in Norfolk and Suffolk in need of care - through grants.

The Rob George Foundation
Providing practical and/or financial support to young people with life threatening or terminal illnesses.  Also provides financial support to young people who demonstrate exceptional commitment and/or ability in the worlds of sport or the performing arts.

The Taylor & Hammond Educational Foundation 
A a charity set up to promote the education (including social and physical training) of young people under the age of 25. Applicants for support, which may amount to as much as £750, should be resident in Diss or the neighbourhood and should, at some stage, have attended a school in Diss.

Arts & Music

Arts Council England
Various funding pots for artists and artistic projects.

Ed Sheeran Suffolk Music Foundation
Grants to help with studying or playing music. These grants could be used for almost anything, such as buying an instrument, funding music studies, or paying for rehearsal space.

Help Musicians UK
An independent UK charity for professional musicians, and their careers and projects.  Their funding wizard can help identify potential help.

PRS Foundation
Their Funding for Music Creators can help songwriters, composers, artists, bands, producers or performers who write their own music.

The Michael Tippett Musical Foundation
Grants to encourage the music of the future. (Suspended for 2022)

Sports and athletes

Sports Aid
Aims to support athletes at the right time, with the right support. Talented athletes are nominated to SportsAid every autumn by their sports' national governing bodies. 

Winter Sports Foundation
The Personal Sports Fund is a way To raise additional funds to help finance winter sports careers. The funds are set up to help athletes under the age of 25 who are already competing in winter sports by assisting them to seek sponsorship from various sources as well as utilising Gift Aid via our charity to increase the value of each sponsorship amount for the athlete.

(The list is not necessarily comprehensive. The information has been sourced via internet searches and The Mason Trust is not responsible for any content or misinformation that may occur. We have no affiliation with any of the organisations listed. Individuals will need to undertake their own checks regarding eligibility and any specific criteria which may be in place before making an application to these funds. All information is presumed correct at time of publication.)