Our grant provides small sums to help local young people take their next step in education or employment.

The Mason Trust 'Small Change' Grant

Small changes can yield big results when it comes to realising your future, but what if you don't have enough 'small change' in your pocket to make those changes?

The Mason Trust's 'Small Change' Grant provides small sums of money to help young people in Norfolk and Suffolk take that next step through education, training, work or along their chosen career path.

This limited fund is designed to quickly make a difference to people that have immediate financial barriers to their personal progress.  Awards of up to £75* will be made swiftly for successful individual applications that demonstrate a genuine need and where other funding options have been exhausted.

*If you need slightly more than £75, please get in touch with us or detail this on your application form - we want to help and can potentially be flexible in certain circumstances.*

Funding examples

Each application is reviewed by the Trust on its own merits taking into account the demonstrated need, amount requested, practicality of securing the goods/ services, timeframe and availability of our own funding.

If you’ve tried elsewhere for funding and haven’t been successful we may be able to help.

We aim to make a decision within two working days of receiving your application.

Typically we will consider contributing to things like:

  • Training, learning and safety courses that achieve a specific educational or employment goal
  • One-off travel costs, such as the costs involved in getting to training or an interview
  • Specific pieces of equipment or gear required for work or training (excluding computers and mobile devices)
  • Clothes for an interview

We do not normally fund the following, as there are existing services that often can:

  • Computers / Mobile Phones
  • CSCS cards 

Please see our Other Funders page for suggestions on where to seek funding for these and other requirements.

Eligibility criteria

  • Open to 16-25 year olds who live, work or study in Norfolk or Suffolk
  • Applications must be made for a specific item or service and for a defined, stated amount (up to a maximum of £75*)
  • We will consider contributions to something of a higher value (our maximum contribution would be £75*)
  • We will not usually fund mobile devices or computers
  • We will only consider awards for future costs - you cannot claim for costs you have already incurred prior to your application. (However, we are able to reimburse you, in the event that your application is accepted and you need to make a payment yourself immediately afterwards.  Please see the application form for further details)

Fund Availability (Open)

The Small Change Grant is a limited and dynamic funding pot, financed when possible by both the Mason Trust itself and by generous donations.  Whilst the grant project itself is a long term offering, applications will be open or closed at certain times as funding permits.  Please refer to the fund status here to see whether we are accepting applications at this time.

Application form

If you fit the basic eligibility criteria above and the fund is currently open, then we welcome your application using the form below.  Once completed, this needs to be sent to us as an email attachment to

>Application form download here (.docx)<

(Fund opened 29/08/2023)

Please note that the form will not be accessible when the fund is temporarily closed and applications cannot be made when this is the case.

Further information

For awarded grants, we will pay the provider / supplier of the goods / services directly, if at all possible.  If we decide to make a contribution to your larger costs, or reimburse you for an agreed expenditure, we will need to see an invoice, proof of booking / purchase or similar.

If you do not hear back from us regarding your application within two working days then we likely have not received it.  Please get in contact with us if this is the case. 

The Mason Trust reserves the right to refuse applications for any reason and to open and close the fund at short notice, though all successful applications will be honoured.  We operate a limited fund and prioritise awards based on the merits of each individual application.


For organisations or anyone looking to make a donation towards this funding pot, any financial contributions are hugely appreciated and will likely have immediate, tangible results for young people.