Call for a Norfolk Coast youth delegate

Norfolk Coast Partnership

Voluntary role

As part of the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty 50th anniversary celebrations, and as an ongoing priority, the Norfolk Coast Partnership is seeking the input and engagement of young people in the conservation and enhancement of the area. They are seeking to recruit a youth delegate to attend the Europarc 2018 conference on their behalf on 18th-21st September 2018 - to network and come back with ideas on how to better involve young people in their work.

You will attend the conference and participate in the sessions, taking notes and making inputs as appropriate. Prior to the conference you will meet members of the staff team at the Norfolk Coast Partnership for a briefing. After the conference you will provide us with a video report on the conference, and attend a meeting to present your ideas.

They are looking for someone interested in the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and how young people relate to it.

You must be between 16 and 30 years of age.

You do not need specific skills or education but you must be able to produce a video report and participate unaided in the conference (e.g. to travel to and from conference by public transport, attend meetings, find your way around, speak to other delegates and network).

For further details, you can access the full role and person specifications via this link. (pdf)