Rebecca Black

Rebecca has recently returned from year-long volunteering placement in Honduras with Project Trust.

Volunteering in Honduras

Ellen Parfitt

Ellen has recently returned from a two week trip to Nepal where she was volunteering in a school for deaf children.

Nepal Trip

World Scout Jamboree 2019

The 24th World Scout Jamboree took place between 22 July and 2 August and was jointly hosted by the scouts of America, Canada and Mexico. Over 40,000 scouts and leaders from over 150 nations took part with a contingent of approximately 4,000 young people from the UK taking part. Scouts from across Norfolk and Suffolk were part of the UK group and prior to the start of the Jamboree they spent some time in New York and after the jamboree went to Washington soaking up some of the famous sights and sounds. The scouts were able to meet and mingle with scouts from other countries to learn more about their culture, food and language. There were a host of activities to keep everyone amused including a water obstacle course, scuba diving, mountain biking, axe throwing and hiking amongst others. Their final stop was Canada where they travelled to Montreal, ascended the Olympic Tower and visited a native American reservation to learn more about their history. Overall it was an action packed experience for everyone involved. Some of the scouts who attended and received funding from the Trust have provided feedback reports for us.

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Heather Skipper

Heather travelled with group from college to visit CERN in Switzerland.

CERN Trip 2019